Minimum contribution to health insurance: Relief for the self-employed?

With the new grand coalition (GroKo), the statutory health insurance for many self-employed will be cheaper in the future. For Union and SPD plan to reduce the minimum contribution to health insurance. This would pay off especially for self-employed with low income. But opposition and trade associations are criticizing the plans.

The minimum contribution to the statutory health insurance has been criticized for years. Because this amounts to the contributions to nursing insurance currently at least 422 euros per month . Such a sum, however, can shoulder only the least self-employed. This is one of the reasons why the contribution debts at the health insurance companies have totaled billions and in 2017 were more than six billion euros.

In particular, for solo self-employed and small business owners, the income is often not enough to spend month after month, almost half of them for health protection. Union and SPD want to relieve the self-employed in health insurance, however, soon.

Update 06. June 2018: Today, the Federal Cabinet approved the bill on the GKV-Insured Persons Relief Act (GKV-VEG). In addition to equal financing of health insurance contributions between employers and employees, this also provides for the adjustment of the minimum contribution, which is important for many self-employed. If the draft passes the Bundestag without any problems, the amendment will apply from 1 January 2019.

GroKo wants to lower the minimum assessment limit for the self-employed

The grand coalition has agreed in its coalition agreement to halve the minimum contribution to health insurance in the future , so that this included care contribution soon amounts to only about 210 euros per month. Because the minimum assessment basis for the health insurance contribution is to be reduced from currently just under 2,284 euros to 1,150 euros per month.

On the part of the statutory health insurance, there is approval for the GroKo project. Although the funds are estimated to be missing by the adjustment estimated 750 million euros annually, the GKV Spitzenverband welcomes the plans of the coalition partners. Thus, all social insurance costs should be based on the capacity of the insured, Florian Lanz of the association points out to the world. In addition, the original assumption for the minimum assessment limit, according to which self-employed are usually good earners, is now outdated, so Lanz.

Planned adjustments of the minimum contribution are not enough for critics

For the Association of Founders and Self-Employed in Germany eV, the planned reduction of the minimum contribution to health insurance is only a partial success. Although the association is satisfied that an adjustment is planned. However, he calls for a further reduction of the ceiling to a maximum of 450 euros , as is the case with employees. Otherwise, self-employed persons with an income between € 435 and € 1,150 would continue to pay considerably more than employees.

Since GroKo also provides for a pension obligation for the self-employed, the planned lowering of the minimum contribution to health insurance does not in the eyes of the association provide any relief.

How useful is private health insurance for the self-employed?

In the course of the high financial burden of the legal health insurance comes with many self-employed the question whether a private security for them would be the cheaper alternative. Since the contributions for private health insurance (PHI) are not based on income, but primarily on the benefits, the age and state of health of the insured , there is no fixed minimum contribution. Especially young and healthy people, who do not want special extras, can often afford cheap private health insurance.

However, private health insurance premiums may increase with increasing age, as the health costs of insured persons generally increase. For self-employed persons who think about a private insurance, it makes sense to inform themselves about different tariffs with the help of an expert. With his support, interested people will find the best personal offer for them.