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Money hurts health

Money hurts health

Resulta ng larawan para sa money hurts health

A moment of calm, ladies and gentlemen. Are we going to play blood pressure, bitter coffee and give the reason to the brother who has never hit or seal and today is outraged?

The papers of Panama are neither papers nor are they: four documents in English, filtered by a certain Juan Nadie or Juan Sin Nombre -this means John Doe and viva Capra-, which only confirm that many rich people ignore the noblest end of money: waste it.

The middle class is lucky to spend with joy and, instead of getting indignant, what they should do is have a little mercy with the millionaires and give them good advice.

Does anyone put themselves in the shoes of these people and wonder what it takes them to hide the money in Panama, country of a channel, a song – Pedro Navaja: “If you were born to hammer, the nails fall from the sky” – and a curse? I do. These are compassionate people who shun envy and strive to make their fortune go unnoticed and humanity to live without resentment.

For me, for example, that Vladimir Putin, Ivan Zamorano or the Prime Minister of Iceland have savings in Panama bothers me less than if the neighbor of the sixth second drives an Aston Martin. What gives me tirria are not the distant chorizos, but the proximity chorizos that spend 1,460 euros in a dinner in El Percebeiro Feliz and then say that the per-cebe is a silly bug.

If you have to put up with the pigeon-like brother-in-law lecturing about rents, can you imagine how heavy a rich man would be if he paid all the taxes? That gentleman would give a lot and he would spend the day demanding the suppression of the councils, the municipal sports centers, the Diplocat, the roundabouts and the subsidies to the film industry. On the other hand, saving money in Panama encourages silence, that old-fashioned treasure.

I am unworthy but not much with the Panama documents. I am unworthy and it only surprises me that there is no oil tycoon in Texas, because Americans have been saying for years that you have to pay less taxes and expect little from the state. Here we expect a lot from the State and the millionaires. Of the State, that it gives us more of what it takes away from us, and of the millionaires, that they stop being it by force of paying taxes.

There are indignant fools who ask for more fiscal control and people who, when Pedro Navaja sounds, start dancing and not listen to his instructive lyrics. One already fears that the Spanish administration, lazy in nature, reactivates the fiscal front.