Lack of doctors: Medical students doubt the country doctor rate

13 Nov

  Medical students doubt the country doctor rate Lack of doctors is an increasing problem, especially in rural areas. The policy wants to counteract this, inter alia, with a country doctor rate in the admission to studies. But today’s medical students see this solution critically. Instead, they demand more support … Read More »

What should be done in the face of a serious illness

12 Nov

Diseases, of whatever size and type, always destabilize our emotional and, in addition, financial health. Health is always a sensitive issue and also harms all members of the family, not just those who suffer it. Have you ever thought about what you would do in the face of a serious … Read More »

Health issues in disability insurance

12 Nov

Important to the health issues   Limited period of health issues The health issues in the application for disability insurance cover the previous five to ten years. To answer truthfully and conscientiously Do not forget any supposed “little things”. Indicate only the diseases and treatments that are specifically asked for. … Read More »

The 5 best things to fight stress

12 Nov

If you change your habits for actions that help reduce the symptoms of stress in your daily life and detect what makes you angry, you will have an idea of ​​what are your best options to lower your stress levels. How to identify situations that can cause you stress Do … Read More »

Is fasting good or bad for health?

12 Nov

Fasting: Not Good for your Health “When a man has nothing to eat, fast is the most reasonable thing he can do.” Buddha It seems that fasting is fashionable, but in reality it is not something current. Those who have lived difficult times know perfectly what involuntary fasting is, and … Read More »

Dread Disease Insurance: You have to know that

12 Nov

A Dread Disease Insurance is a personal insurance policy that pays a fixed amount to the insured person in the event of a serious illness or other serious health event. For which illnesses or events the benefit claim applies, the insurance contract is recorded.   Dread disease insurance as an … Read More »

What are occupational disability health issues?

12 Nov

In occupational disability insurance (BU), health issues are an important part of the application. Incomplete or untruthful statements may lead to refusal of benefits in the event of disability and further unpleasant consequences for the insured. Disability insurance Answer health questions correctly. Before an occupational disability insurance can be taken … Read More »